“Mists of Pandaria” Cookies

    I find it funny that the acronym for this expansion of World of Warcraft is MOP. I guess Blizzard decided to “MOP” up the other competition by coming out with another expansion. I know that was corny, but I don’t care. So…ummm…ok…I’ll just say it…I am a geek and play a PC game called World of Warcraft. I am not a hardcore gamer. (Even though I have been playing since “vanilla”.) I leave that reference to my friends. I just like to talk to my friends, work on my professions and do some dailies. (That’s more WoW talk for those WoW gamers out there).
I decided to make some cookies for the new expansion. I know that it came out in September, but I’ve been busy. Better a month late, than never. I made red royal icing transfers and placed them on top of wet black flood icing. I think they were meant for each other. Don’t forget the pandas. Anyway…I guess you can already figure out which faction I play. “FOR THE HORDE!” Enjoy.