The Amazing Spider-Man…2

It is that time again. In my daughter’s class, each Friday a different student is responsible for providing a special snack.  When her turn came around again, I asked her what kinds of snacks the other kids had brought. She said fruit roll ups or store bought sugar cookies, usually. She and I both knew that store bought cookies just would not do. I started thinking of what kind of theme I wanted for the cookies I was going to make. It is almost the end of the school year and it is getting hotter outside. My first thought was suns/flowers. As I was sketching out ideas, I had a “that’s it” moment… Spider-Man! The movie had just come to the theaters. The timing was perfect and I have made Spider-Man cookies before.

Spidey Masks SideviewI have a custom cookie cutter that I made for doing faces, but I felt that it was too big. Recently, when I was walking through the Easter section at a store, I found a set of small cutters. One of the cutters was an egg, but when I saw it I knew it would be perfect for making faces. That’s why I bought it, and it turned out to be just the right size for Spidey. I asked my daughter, as I held up each of the cutters, “Would you rather have one of these (big custom cutter) or two cookies of these (small “egg” cutter)?” I reminded her of the Yoshi eggs that I made recently with the same cutter, and the decision was made.  All I needed to do was brush up on the how-to from my favorite cookie blog.

Spidey EyesI wanted all the faces to have uniform eyes, so I printed clipart of Spider-Man’s mask. Mainly, because I didn’t feel like getting out the Kopykake machine. Food markers and cut-out Spidey eyes can’t be that hard. Well…it wasn’t hard, just tedious. I will say the next time I trace with food markers, I will either put tape on both sides of the paper, or I will create a stencil. By the time I was finished, the piece of paper was soaked and torn. 70 cookies = a lot of eyeballs.

Every time I color icing, I learn something new. This time it was a lesson in red. I didn’t want to use too much red coloring, so decided to add brown to darken it.  I did darken it, but it looked muted. I was so upset at the results that I figured I was going to have to make another batch of icing. I made more icing and decided to go ahead and make the cookie dough, too. About 45 minutes had gone by and it was time to get back to coloring the icing. I decided to salvage the muted brown-red by turning it into black. I opened up the container of red icing and low and behold, it had turned to a perfect shade of red. I was happy and mad at the same time.  I just spent all that time making another batch of icing. Arrgh… The thing to remember about coloring royal icing is that the final color develops over time. When I make black, I stop adding coloring when it is a dark gray. The next day it will be black. So, with all of this said, I’ve learned to always make the icing the night before.

Spidey Masks TopdownI wanted to make these cookies special for boys and girls, so I made Spider-Girl cookies,too. They were pink with glitter (disco dust) eyes. (I am fully aware that the real Spider-Girl from the comics is not pink and sparkly.  Honestly, she looks more like Venom-Girl, but I am not ready to get into a lengthy discussion about it right now.) With this in mind, I asked my daughter’s teacher to let me know the number of boys and girls was in the class.  There were 20 students total.  Giving each student two cookies, I only needed 40 cookies for my daughter’s class.  From the dough I had made, I was able to cut out 70 cookies, so I was able to make some for my son’s class, too. I don’t know of any teacher that is going to turn away homemade decorated sugar cookies. Do you?

Now, because I made so many, meant that there was going to be a lot of piping. Finding the right tip for the spiderweb lines became a small problem. I am glad that I had a few extras. I started with a Wilton #1, but the lines were too big. Then, I tried my PME 00 and PME 0 tips, but they kept on clogging. Finally, I used a PME 1 and it worked. Yippee!

Spidey_Gwen_CarI wrapped pairs of cookies in treat bags and boxed them up for the kids. The next day, I walked each of my children to their classroom. I informed their teacher that I made the cookies without almond extract, for those in the class with nut allergies. Also, I assured them that the glitter on the pink cookies was edible. When I picked the kids up from school, they said that everyone loved the cookies. The girls especially liked the glitter, as I knew they would. Because, all girls love glitter! Enjoy.

Avengers and Spidey

Avengers and Spidey cookiesAvengers and Spidey…A winning combination for my son’s birthday party. These were fun to make, except for the back pain from 12 hours of icing. I think that my favorite was Thor’s hammer, but maybe I am just partial to the actor. Actually, I should like all the cookies then…lol. I used something new with this set of cookies…luster dust. I brushed some on Thor’s hammer and Ironman to give them a nice sheen. I was very satisfied.

A pile of Marvel Hero cookiesSo, the party was going well and the cookies were there waiting to be eaten. The Hulk was the first to get eaten, by his uncle. Which surprised me, since the Hulk is invincible and all. (but he was a big cookie) Then the other adults started eating them. The kids..the kids, oh no… I quickly ran upstairs and made an announcement….”If you kids want cookies, you had better go eat some…before the adults eat them all!” It was like a cattle stampede and that was that. Happy sugared up kids, enjoying some of Marvel’s finest…my favorite. Enjoy.

(Originally posted on August 2, 2012)


Spider-PeopleA little over a week ago, I was making some cookies for my brother. I didn’t need to make too many, so what to do with the other bit of dough? (btw, there is no such thing as making half batches of sugar cookies. right?)
I decided to practice for my son’s birthday coming up. He can’t make up his mind. One day it is Star Wars. The next day it is Ironman. Now, he is torn between Spiderman & the whole Avengers team. I’m thinking that he is going to get Spiderman. The world will never know, but I guess we will find out.
So, here is a picture of the practice cookies i did. I had fun with Venom. (Don’t ask me what possessed me to do him. I had the icing colors, so why not?) The pink Spidergirl (can I say spidergirl?) was my daughter’s idea and so were the sparkles. (edible sparkles, a.k.a. disco dust) I hope you like them. Enjoy.

A spider in its webNow, if your Spidey Senses have gone off from the last pic, there is more. Here is a great side view of the spider cookies. I wanted to show you the 3D effect. I found a picture of the Spiderman symbol. I adjusted the size for the cookies.
(I used Word) I put several on a page and printed them out. I covered the page with parchment paper, taped it down and piped them out. Now, I will say, it’s a good idea to always pipe out extras. I’m glad I did. The legs were so fragile, that most of them broke. It was interesting trying to “glue” legs back onto a spider…LOL. Maybe, I will perfect the technique by Halloween? Anyway…Enjoy.
(Originally posted July 9, 2012)