Assemble The Minions!

So, my sister calls me and reminds me that I said I would make cookies for her son’s birthday. I love that she reminds me. This year, she said the theme was Minions. “The little yellow guys from Despicable Me?” I asked. She said that I could make purple ones, too. Not having seen the second movie, I was a little confused. Purple ones?  Needless to say, I did a lot of research the minute I got off the phone.

Minion CookiesNow, the design. Yes, having feet and arms would have been super cute, but also time consuming. I thought about all the cookie cutters I own and then it hit me… Larry. (Of course, I just had to Google his name “Veggie Tales cucumber”.) I had made these cookies previously for my sister. All I had to do was stretch out the ends of the cookie cutter a little. When I pressed out the cookies, all I had to do was cut them across the middle.

I can’t stress the importance of making royal icing ahead of time. I did mine a couple of days before. The reason is that the colors need time to develop. Also, if you know that you are going to be doing cookies with eyeballs, making icing early will give you time to make icing eyeball transfers. Luckily, I already had color eyeball transfers I had made previously from icing leftovers on another project.

Icing the cookies was fun. The purple minion’s hair and I never seemed to agree. I just chalk it up to everyone having a bad hair day.  I wanted the eyes to match the minions, so I used brown and purple eyeballs. The trim on the goggles I dusted with silver luster dust because I wanted it to stand out. I don’t know if the kids noticed, but I did. Enjoy.

p.s. Maybe, one day I will get around to watching the second movie. It’s pretty sad, considering that we own it.


A Christmas Tree Found In The Snow.

Brushed Christmas TreesI had other cookie design ideas, but when I saw this one, I decided to give it a try. I had a rectangle cookie cutter, but I wanted it to be fluted. I had a fluted rectangle cookie cutter, but it was way too big. What was I going to do? What anyone with a little imagination would do…I grabbed my Pampered Chef potato crinkle cutter. I need the cookies to be a certain size. So, I took a piece of wax paper and folded it into a 2 inch strip. Worked like a charm.

I needed stars for the tops of the trees. I took some yellow icing and piped it out into star transfers and then sprinkled them with some disco dust while they were still wet. Let them dry overnight and then peeled them off. Transfers need to be one of the first things you do, before you start icing the cookies, since it takes a day for them to dry.

I chose white as the background for these cookies. I figured that it would look like snow. I was up until 4am with the gingerbread men and flooding white icing onto these cookies. The next day was crunch time, since the base coat was now dry. Time to brush on the trees. I still need a lot of practice with embroidery brushing, but for my first time, it wasn’t too too bad. The tree reminded me of the ones in the movies, where the family goes into the forest to find the perfect tree and finds a big huge one. Only to remember that they have to drag it all the way back to the car. After I brushed on a few trees, I noticed they needed a little something. So, I attached some red sprinkles before the green icing started to dry. It wouldn’t be a Christmas tree without a few ornaments and a star on top. Enjoy.

Roll Tide vs. War Eagle

Alabama_Auburn_FootballsSEC Football fans and Alabama residents will know what I mean when I say it is time once again for “The Iron Bowl” – the annual meeting of The University of Alabama and Auburn University on the college gridiron – on November 30th. Also, it’s time for my daughter to bring “Friday Snack” to school for her class. I’ve been thinking about these cookies since school started. When she was assigned this week to bring treats, the theme became a no-brainer.  I asked her teacher to give me a head count of who liked Alabama vs. Auburn. (The score was Alabama 14 vs. Auburn 8). Now, let the cookie making begin…

Alabama_Auburn_transfersI only have one thing to say about royal icing. Make it ahead of time. Getting the color to develop and be the perfect shade can take a few days. Well, it does for me anyway. Now, once I had the perfect shade of red, blue and orange it was time to start piping the transfers. Transfers are awesome!…but they are back killers too. Standing in one spot piping out 70 AU’s and 100 A’s takes a toll on you. After I finished with the transfers, I had to post on my FB…”These kids better LOVE these cookies. My back is killing me”…LOL

When you Google Alabama/Auburn cookies you get a lot of plain round cookies or a bunch of brown footballs. I wanted to do something unusual. So, I decided to do stenciled football cookies. For Auburn, whose mascot is a tiger, I wanted to stencil tiger stripes onto the footballs, but I couldn’t find the right stencil. So, I decided to do chevron instead. It’s super popular right now. Why not? Recently, I purchased a hounds-tooth stencil. Since I live in Alabama, I think it will come in handy. And it did for these cookies.

Alabama_Auburn_treat bagsI had to change my recipe for the icing and cookies. There are a few kids in my daughter’s class who have nut allergies, so I omitted the almond extract. “They taste good”, said my resident taste tester/husband. I made the cookies Wednesday night, so they would be cool to ice on Thursday morning. After I iced all the cookies and let them dry, I got out my airbrush machine. I had only used it a couple of times, so I still haven’t mastered it. I will say, I now have a typed out list of things to do before and after using it – like covering the whole area, because the color mists everywhere. And YES, I am a list maker and proud of it. After I airbrushed the cookies, attached the transfers and bagged up the cookies, I was done. Not really. I forgot to add… taking pictures for blog.

Also, in this post I am going to do something else unusual. I am going to talking about sewing. After the kids’ birthdays this summer, I took a break from making cookies. I rediscovered an old hobby…sewing. I have gone crazy over sewing…at least that is what my husband thinks. I have been buying supplies and a new sewing machine (Amazon had an offer I couldn’t refuse). My husband has been asking me when am I going to actually make something with all this stuff. So, I made a skirt. It has French seams, pockets, a double stitched hem and a label in the back with my logo and care instructions. Not bad, if I do say so myself.

Alabama_SkirtNow, I won’t tell you who my husband and kids root for, but I think the skirt for my daughter says it all. Enjoy.


TMNT…Turtles in a Halfshell…Turtle Power!

I asked my daughter what she wanted for her birthday theme. She quickly answered, “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”. I asked the usual, “Are you sure?” Really, why do I even bother asking that anymore? Anyway, I did some TMNT party Google searching. I found some cute ideas and used a few. As far as cookies go, I found lots of masked turtle faces. But what do I decide to do? Pizza. I mean turtles like pizza, right? Well, these turtles do anyway.

wm_turtle_pizzaPrior to making my daughter’s TMNT cookies, I made cookies for my sister and had left over red icing. I added a little maroon and voila…pepperoni slices. I made transfers and saved them for my pizza creations. The pizza boxes took longer to make than the cookies themselves. Go figure.

wm_turtles_masksMy daughter was turning 8 and I HAD to incorporate the number 8, at least somewhere. So, I got this crazy-eight idea. I took my number 8 cookie cutter, left the middle circles intact, and made the turtle masks. “8’s” made with a little imagination. (If you look closely, their eye color matches each ninja turtle correctly.)

My daughter loved all the decorations, as she should, since she helped with some of them. Also, she loved all the gifts she received. Especially, the other Lego TMNT set she didn’t already own. Overall, I would have to say the party was a success. Enjoy.



Donald Duck Birthday Party!

Donald Duck CookiesMy sister asked her son what kind of birthday party he wanted. To my sister’s surprise, he said he wanted Donald Duck. She tried to mention other themes, but he had his heart set on Donald. You really can’t change the mind of a 2 year old. So, with that being said, I had to get creative with the cookie design. I knew that he was turning 3 and I decided to make number 3 shaped cookies. The hard part was trying to figure how to turn that into Donald Duck. Let me just say that I can not draw. So, translating what is in my head to paper is not the easiest thing for me to do… nor are my drawings the easiest things for my family to figure out. You should have seen the look on my sister’s face when I showed her my idea. She had the “Omg, why did I ask her to make cookies?” look. But, that didn’t stop me.

Donald 3'sLet’s talk about the cookies. I can not stress the importance of prep work. I started a day earlier with making the icing, because I knew that I needed the colors to darken overnight and get rid of some air bubbles. I knew that I was going to make icing transfers for the bow-tie, duck bill and the hat. Icing transfers usually take 24 hours to dry, so that is why I knew I had to get a head start. Now, the transfers are piped out and dry and the cookies are made and cooled, it is time to make Donald come to life.

The party went well. The birthday boy had a great time. Everyone enjoyed the cookies. The grown-ups liked them a little more than the kids, I think.  Later on, my husband told me that I did a great job. He said that he was amazed that I could turn a number 3 into a duck.  I think he is used to just nodding his head and saying yes when I start drawing. Enjoy.