Donald Duck Birthday Party!

Donald Duck CookiesMy sister asked her son what kind of birthday party he wanted. To my sister’s surprise, he said he wanted Donald Duck. She tried to mention other themes, but he had his heart set on Donald. You really can’t change the mind of a 2 year old. So, with that being said, I had to get creative with the cookie design. I knew that he was turning 3 and I decided to make number 3 shaped cookies. The hard part was trying to figure how to turn that into Donald Duck. Let me just say that I can not draw. So, translating what is in my head to paper is not the easiest thing for me to do… nor are my drawings the easiest things for my family to figure out. You should have seen the look on my sister’s face when I showed her my idea. She had the “Omg, why did I ask her to make cookies?” look. But, that didn’t stop me.

Donald 3'sLet’s talk about the cookies. I can not stress the importance of prep work. I started a day earlier with making the icing, because I knew that I needed the colors to darken overnight and get rid of some air bubbles. I knew that I was going to make icing transfers for the bow-tie, duck bill and the hat. Icing transfers usually take 24 hours to dry, so that is why I knew I had to get a head start. Now, the transfers are piped out and dry and the cookies are made and cooled, it is time to make Donald come to life.

The party went well. The birthday boy had a great time. Everyone enjoyed the cookies. The grown-ups liked them a little more than the kids, I think.  Later on, my husband told me that I did a great job. He said that he was amazed that I could turn a number 3 into a duck.  I think he is used to just nodding his head and saying yes when I start drawing. Enjoy.


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