Gluten, oh gluten. Why do people dislike you so?

Bread Bites TopBread Bites Detail    A long time ago, I owned a breadmaker machine. That is until my Dad showed me how to make bread by hand. The breadmaker quickly went into attic heaven and then to garbage heaven. (Please, don’t be mad that it went into the garbage. Let’s just say that I would have recycled, had it been an option at the time.) Ok, back to bread.
Being time-constrained, I needed a quicker way to make bread. So, my dad told me to drown it in butter. I liked the sound of that. Now, I don’t have to fix a bowl of melted butter to dip it in. Even though my husband still has to have his “garlic butter”. Anyway, I make the bread as usual. I let it rise, until I can’t stand to wait any longer. Then I roll it out, like you are making pizza crust. Then I take my handy, dandy pastry cutter and cut it into strips…then into squares. Now, the fun part. Take some (about 4Tblsp.) butter, melt it in a bowl. (Not too melted or you will burn yourself.) Then pour a tad of butter in your baking dish, add half of the squares and toss. Make sure that they are well coated. Now, at this point, I would have turned the oven on, waited a minute and then turned the oven off. I just want it to be slightly cozy, but not where anything would remotely start to cook. I put the baking dish in the oven. One, to let it rise in it’s wonderful coat of butter. Two, to get it out of the way! Usually we have pasta with bread. So, when I finish getting that together, I pull the bread dish out of the oven and gently place it on the counter. I preheat the oven, bake everything and voila…yummy bread… and the pasta isn’t bad either. Enjoy.