Pink Ombre Cake and Flower Cupcakes

Flower CupcakesLayered Ombre CakePink Ombre CakeI was asked a couple of months ago to make cookies for a family baby shower. However, I knew that I would be unable to do cookies at that time. So, I suggested that I make a cake instead.

I have seen ombre cakes on several of the other blogs that I follow. I thought that I would give it a try.

I started the night before the shower because I knew that I was not going to have enough time the next day to bake, cool, and ice. I was going to make a french vanilla cake. However, the cake batter was yellow and when I added pink food coloring, it turned a shade of orange. More like a shade of coral. So, there I was, the night before, with my four bowls of weirdly colored cake mix. I was not a happy camper. I dumped all the batter back into my Kitchenaid bowl, mixed it up a little, and made 48 cupcakes. I wasn’t planning on making that many cupcakes, but I was not about to throw out all that batter just because of a lousy color. Actually, when I mixed all of the different shades together, it turned out to look pink. I was satisfied, for the moment. Now, I had to start all over again with white cake mix. This new batch of batter turned the desired shades of pink when I added the color, so I was back to being a happy camper, again.

It was the day of the shower and I was onto making homemade buttercream frosting. I learned that when making a petal ombre cake that you need to make extra frosting. I own two bowls for my Kitchenaid stand mixer, so I made a batch in each bowl. I pulled half of the frosting out of the first bowl, so I had the white. In the second bowl, I put one drop of Americolor Soft Pink. I took half of that frosting out and put in into a separate bowl. Into each of the two remaining half-filled mixing bowls I added 2 drops of Soft Pink, stirred, and voila! I had my 4 colors.

On to the fun part, icing the cake. I cut the top of each cake layer to make it flat, frosted in between each layer, and put on a crumb coating. Do not throw away the cut off pieces of cake. I will tell you later what to do with the pieces. Now, I did not own enough #12 tips to do this job. So, I just put a coupler in the pastry bag and piped the frosting straight out of the coupler. The coupler has a little slit on the side. I turned the slit facing the side that was going to be pressed flat by the spatula. It worked alright, but I am in the process of purchasing more tips.

After, I finished icing the cake, I iced the cupcakes. I used a #129 tip. This tip has a metal bar inside. So, when I squeezed out the icing, it separated it into ribbons. Also, the bar makes it very hard to squeeze out the icing. It was tiring, but it turned into a pretty flower design.

I said earlier that I would tell you what I did with the extra cake bits. I dumped them all in to one of my Kitchenaid bowls, added all the extra frosting, and mixed it all together. It made a lovely pink ball with a consistency similar to cookie dough.  I put it in a Tupperware bowl and stuck it in the fridge for my husband.  He said it tasted like cake and icing.

As you can see in the pictures, it all turned out really well for my first try. Everyone thought it was beautiful. I had some people say it was the best cake they had ever tasted. Others wanted me to let them know when I started going into business. Everyone was happy, especially the Mommy & Daddy-to-be. That’s all that matters to me! Enjoy.

Ombre Cake and Smash***Well, a year has passed. I was asked to make the baby’s first birthday cake and smash cake. Her parents thought that it would be fitting to have it look like the baby shower cake. So, that’s exactly what I did. Enjoy.***

Baby Girl “Nia”

Nia onesies_flowersNia wrapped with loveMy friend at work was having a baby shower. I was super excited to go, but of course I was scheduled to work that day. I felt so bad. I had to give her a super awesome gift. What could I give her? Adorable cookies, of course!

I found out what she was going to name her wee-little one and the wheels in my head started turning. I knew onesies were a must, but just not enough. Flowers…every girl loves flowers!

I had fun with these cookies. I learned more about cookie cutting, icing consistencies and such, which is always a plus. Anyway, I don’t want to bore you with all the details of my self-improvement. We are here to talk about baby shower cookies.

I decided to individually wrap the cookies for her, so she could give them out as party favors. I gave them to her when I saw her at work the day before the party. When she saw the cookies, she just about had the baby right then and there, because she was so excited. Which means a job well done for me and “score” on the gift! Yippie. Enjoy.