Birthday Veggies

Bob and Larry from Veggie TalesMy sister asked me if i could make her some cookies for her son’s birthday party. She said that she was having a Veggie Tale party and asked if i could make Bob and Larry cookies. I said sure and she was sweet and gave me a weeks notice. I did some research on how Bob and Larry look. The fun thing about making cookies is hoping that you have the cookie cutter or having the imagination to make a cookie cutter turn into something else. So, I did a little of both…sort of. The tomato was really a pumpkin that I squeezed when I cut out the dough. The cucumber, well…I didn’t have anything, so i just made the cookie cutter myself. —My sister was happy and so were all the kids. That’s all that matters! Enjoy.


(Originally posted on July 6, 2012)

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