Avengers and Spidey

Avengers and Spidey cookiesAvengers and Spidey…A winning combination for my son’s birthday party. These were fun to make, except for the back pain from 12 hours of icing. I think that my favorite was Thor’s hammer, but maybe I am just partial to the actor. Actually, I should like all the cookies then…lol. I used something new with this set of cookies…luster dust. I brushed some on Thor’s hammer and Ironman to give them a nice sheen. I was very satisfied.

A pile of Marvel Hero cookiesSo, the party was going well and the cookies were there waiting to be eaten. The Hulk was the first to get eaten, by his uncle. Which surprised me, since the Hulk is invincible and all. (but he was a big cookie) Then the other adults started eating them. The kids..the kids, oh no… I quickly ran upstairs and made an announcement….”If you kids want cookies, you had better go eat some…before the adults eat them all!” It was like a cattle stampede and that was that. Happy sugared up kids, enjoying some of Marvel’s finest…my favorite. Enjoy.

(Originally posted on August 2, 2012)

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  1. Where did you get the Marvel Avengers cutters? I’ve been looking and they are either about $10 each or $52 for a set. yikes! Any other options??

    • Thanks for your comment. And yes, here are some other options. The Spiderman/Ironman cookies can be made by using an egg cutter turned upside down. I cut small pieces of dough for the sides of Ironman and attached them before I baked the cookies. Hulk was made with rounding off a square shape and the ears were circles cut in half. Captain America was an “A” and the wings were cut from the tail of a duck cookie cutter. Thor’s hammer I made, but can be easily cut by hand with a knife. Don’t make the hammer’s handle too thin or it will just break off after baking. Hope this helps save you some money.

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