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So…ok…a little about me.

I have always liked baking and cooking. The kitchen is my favorite room in the whole house. I first tried my hand at decorated sugar cookies in May 2011. I started following cookie blogs, doing research and buying supplies at Michaels and Hobby Lobby (with a coupon, of course!) From then on, I was hooked. My friends and family have really enjoyed my love for baking. And why shouldn’t they? They are my guinea pigs, afterall. I hope that you will visit often, and if you can’t, once in a blue moon will be sweet too. Thanks for stopping by.

so…the name

About five years ago, I was hypothetically thinking about names for my hypothetical business that I would hypothetically start one day. I first thought of “Just A Sweet Thing To Do”, but dropped the “Just” because if it started with an “A”, then it would be first in the phone book. Silly? I know. It really doesn’t matter too much now. Who uses a phone book?

and the logo…

I was trying to think of a cute logo, but was failing miserably. My ideas got too cluttered and I changed my mind everyday. I knew that I wanted something to do with flowers. So, my husband got on PhotoShop and went to town. Lots of drafts, because of me disagreeing. Then he designed a cookie with a bite out of it and placed it on top of a flower. Perfect idea and a happy me!

Contact me…

Currently, I am not taking orders… until I win the lottery and can open my own business. So for now, I will just continue to use my friends and family as guinea pigs, because I know how much they dislike eating yummy sweets…LOL

If you would like to reach me via e-mail, I will do my best to reply in a timely manner. Just remember I am a working mom and wife. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit.