Heaven In A Bag

Heaven In A BagI found this recipe back in 2009 and have been making it ever since. I usually made it and brought it to work, but I didn’t want everyone sticking their hands in the fudge, so I would wrap a couple of pieces in a bag. It first started off being called ….(come closer and let me whisper in your ear…crack), but when my kids started talking and going to school, it was time to change the name. I mentioned this at work and said that we have to come up with a better name. Nothing like having a co-worker yell across the store…”Hey, do you have any crack left?” Hence the name change to “heaven in a bag”. Heaven it was…it is so rich that two pieces in the bag was enough. Some of the guys liked it so much they were licking every morsel out of the bag…just like they do to an empty bowl of ice cream. We are going to change subjects now, because, you do not want me to start talking about that bad habit.

Let’s talk about some tips & tricks. Basically, we are altering the instructions. First, I take a piece of parchment paper and line the bottom and sides of a 9×13 pan. I use clothes pins to hold the parchment to the side of the pan. Second, have your Oreos already chopped up. I have two bowls. One, is chopped up fine to go inside and the other bowl is coarse to sprinkle on top. Also, I add an extra 1/2 cup of Oreos to both bowls. I love Oreos, but that’s just me. Third, after you have the butter/sugar mixture finally (because I cook on medium heat) come to a boil, I stir in the chips and let them melt a little bit, before I turn off the stove. I add the marshmallow crème and vanilla, stir, and then pour in the finely chopped Oreos. Fourth, I pour everything into the already lined pan and add the coarsely chopped Oreos on top. Now, with clean hands, I pat the Oreos down a little, so they will stay put when I cut the fudge. Finally, the most important tip I can give you…DO NOT LICK or USE YOUR FINGERS to SCRAPE OFF THE EXCESS FUDGE INTO THE PAN!!! IT WAS JUST BOILING! If you must scrape every bit off the spatula, use a butter knife. Then you can let the spatula and butter knife cool off, before you start taste testing. Now, I know that I just wrote “finally”, but I still have a few side notes. I put the fudge pan on top of an ice pack to get it to cool off faster, so I can put it in the fridge to chill. After the fudge has chilled (seems like an eternity), you lift the parchment paper out of the pan and your fudge should be rock hard. I will now tell you my trick to cut this wonderful deliciousness…a pizza cutter. I just cut lines about 1 inch apart, long ways. Then I cut again perpendicularly to make squares. Because this stuff is hard to cut through, my lines are never straight. My husband doesn’t mind. I give him all the ugly broken pieces. They still taste the same. P.S. My husband says that the fudge does taste better after it has been refrigerated. He should know. He’s been eating all the broken pieces for over 5 years now…lol.

Cookies_Cream FudgeSo, how did I get it red? Well…I’ve been planning this post for a year now. Last year, I made some fudge. It turned out perfect, but we had eaten it all before I thought to take pictures. I knew then, I had to make Valentine’s Day fudge this year, but I had to wait until this past holiday to purchase Christmas Oreos again. You know, the ones with the red centers. I bought one package as soon as they started selling them this year and then bought a “few” more after Christmas when they were 75% off. The package said they are best by April. Maybe, I will make more fudge in the spring. When Nabisco makes the yellow Springtime Oreos. Heavenly!…Enjoy.