The SWEET Smell of Roses.

Roses are pink.

This cake was great.

It’s almost a crime how much sugar we ate.

Pink Rose CakeSo, what do you give your mother-in-law for her birthday? You bake her a chocolate cake, of course! I asked my husband if his mother was going to have a cake and offered to make one. I had in mind to try my hand at another ombre cake, with layers of aqua or purple, and this time covered in roses, until a little birdie told me that she wanted a chocolate cake. I quickly had to change my mindset. What was I going to do now? I Googled chocolate cakes and roses and found this lovely cake. I have never done a cake like this… but have no fear, I had my 1M tip near…(corny, I know)

Let’s take a minute and talk about tips & tricks. I knew that I was going to need to use two different piping tips. The large Wilton 1M tip for the roses on top and Wilton’s #18 tip for the rosettes around the base of the cake. Because both of these tips were going to require different size couplers, I was going to have to use two different pastry bags. I was not going to move icing back and forth, so I used the saran wrap method. I learned it several years ago from this blog. Also, when I was watching some YouTube videos on making different types of flowers, I noticed everyone had their favorite way to put icing in a pastry bag. I am showing you what I use. A Pilsner beer glass. Who knew that drinking beer on a business trip would turn out to benefit me later in life…LOL. I like this glass because, as you can see, the tip does not hit the bottom when I am using the large coupler, nor does it tip over. Overall, this glass has been a win-win!

Chocolate ButtercreamCrumb coating a cake, in my opinion, is the part I hate the most. Nothing like having it nice and smoothed and then the icing decides that it likes the spatula more than sticking to the cake. Then you have to get it to smooth back down without completely tearing the cake apart. (Just think of it like that piece of hair that you can’t get to lay down, no matter how much gel/hairspray you use. No matter what you do! Finally, you just say forget it and decide that it is “say something hat day”.) So…enough about the crumb coat. Next is putting on the top layer of chocolate icing (see above pic). Easy peasy. Only takes smoothing and turning the cake and smoothing and turning while smoothing. You get the idea. After that, pipe on some roses and your done…until you look at the sink and surrounding area. Clean-up…Arrgh.

Pink Rose Cake InsideLater that day, I picked the kids up from school and telling them of the “fun” I had icing the cake. I told my daughter that the icing was made with 4 sticks of butter and 8 cups of powdered sugar. She asked, “Are you sure it’s safe to eat this cake?” Enjoy.