“Mists of Pandaria” Cookies

    I find it funny that the acronym for this expansion of World of Warcraft is MOP. I guess Blizzard decided to “MOP” up the other competition by coming out with another expansion. I know that was corny, but I don’t care. So…ummm…ok…I’ll just say it…I am a geek and play a PC game called World of Warcraft. I am not a hardcore gamer. (Even though I have been playing since “vanilla”.) I leave that reference to my friends. I just like to talk to my friends, work on my professions and do some dailies. (That’s more WoW talk for those WoW gamers out there).
I decided to make some cookies for the new expansion. I know that it came out in September, but I’ve been busy. Better a month late, than never. I made red royal icing transfers and placed them on top of wet black flood icing. I think they were meant for each other. Don’t forget the pandas. Anyway…I guess you can already figure out which faction I play. “FOR THE HORDE!” Enjoy.

Pink is perfect

    It was the beginning of October and I had quite a bit of leftover white icing. Therefore, I could do anything. I decided that making pink breast cancer awareness ribbons would be perfect. I found an image of ribbons on Google, pasted the image into Word, put multiple images on one page and printed it out. I placed the printout under parchment paper and made a ton of icing transfers. Now that I had the transfers done. I packed them away for safe keeping, until I was able to make more cookies.
It was time to make more cookies and I knew that the ribbons would go perfect on hearts – since this subject is very close to my heart. I hope that one day they find a cure.


You can never have too much candy corn

    My only wish is that they offered candy corn year round, like M&M’s or Skittles. I think that it could be do-able.
Now, there is one thing about having more than one kid. If you make cookies for one kid, you have to make cookies for the other. That’s the rule, you know. I got super lucky too and my daughter’s class was having a small award ceremony. And what teacher would pass up the chance to add a little treat to an award? None that I know.
I saw this idea a year ago from my favorite blog.  Super cute idea and bite size too. It worked out perfect that I was making Elmo cookies at the same time  and would already have the white and orange icing. I made up some yellow and presto…candy corn cookies. Enjoy…the kids did.

Snack Chef

Elmo and E'sEEEEEs    Let me explain briefly. Every week, a kid in my son’s K-4 class gets to bring a snack for the class that cordinates with the letter they are learning for that week. With that being said, What kind of snack can you make for kids that starts with the letter “E”?
Well, I couldn’t think of any food other than eggplant or eggs. You definately can’t serve that to four-year-olds for a snack. When we found out that we were going to be in charge of the letter “E” for snacktime, I asked my kids, what should we do? They immediately said to make elephant cookies. I agreed. I could make elephants. So, I pondered on the idea, but then I said, “What about Elmo?” A unanimous “yes” settled that discussion.
I had never done Sesame Street characters before. Therefore, there was research to be done. Of course, I found cookie cutters from Williams Sonoma, but somehow, the Star Wars cutters wound up in my cart instead. Back to more Google images. It is amazing how many people make decorated sugar cookies of Elmo (and every other character known).
I also wanted the kids to be able to take some cookies home. So, I decided to make the letter “E”. I had two cookie cutter sizes of “E’s” and went with the Wilton cookie cutter. It was considerably smaller, so I made two for every kid. In case they were the sharing type… yeah right. The letter “E’s” were eaten for snack and each child got to bring an Elmo home. Happy kids sugered up by Elmo… perfect combo. Enjoy.

Gluten, oh gluten. Why do people dislike you so?

Bread Bites TopBread Bites Detail    A long time ago, I owned a breadmaker machine. That is until my Dad showed me how to make bread by hand. The breadmaker quickly went into attic heaven and then to garbage heaven. (Please, don’t be mad that it went into the garbage. Let’s just say that I would have recycled, had it been an option at the time.) Ok, back to bread.
Being time-constrained, I needed a quicker way to make bread. So, my dad told me to drown it in butter. I liked the sound of that. Now, I don’t have to fix a bowl of melted butter to dip it in. Even though my husband still has to have his “garlic butter”. Anyway, I make the bread as usual. I let it rise, until I can’t stand to wait any longer. Then I roll it out, like you are making pizza crust. Then I take my handy, dandy pastry cutter and cut it into strips…then into squares. Now, the fun part. Take some (about 4Tblsp.) butter, melt it in a bowl. (Not too melted or you will burn yourself.) Then pour a tad of butter in your baking dish, add half of the squares and toss. Make sure that they are well coated. Now, at this point, I would have turned the oven on, waited a minute and then turned the oven off. I just want it to be slightly cozy, but not where anything would remotely start to cook. I put the baking dish in the oven. One, to let it rise in it’s wonderful coat of butter. Two, to get it out of the way! Usually we have pasta with bread. So, when I finish getting that together, I pull the bread dish out of the oven and gently place it on the counter. I preheat the oven, bake everything and voila…yummy bread… and the pasta isn’t bad either. Enjoy.

Everyone Loves Pie

Applie Pie Top CrustApple Pie Slice with Ice Cream
Well, almost everyone. There are a few out there that would rather not eat it… oh well, their loss. Anyway, let’s get to talking about pie.
In my house, I always get overruled. I love cherry. They all love apple. So, apple it always is. Sad actually, but happy me, when I make cherry. It’s all mine. /evil laugh.
I love my pie crust cutter. I bought it over 10 years ago and it has never let me down. It is one of those items that you see at the store and absolutely have to add it to your kitchen collection. The only downside is, where to store it? Duh…with the other billions of things that I absolutely HAD to have and rarely use.
So, what goes best with pie? My kids seem to think a can of whipped cream is the answer. I, however, feel that vanilla icecream does it just right. I also love how the scoop of icecream turned out for this pic. Can you see the heart? It must be love! Enjoy.

My Little Cookies – Friendship is Delicious!

My Little Pony CookiesCutie Mark CookiesMLP Cute Mark Cookies and ToysFor over a month now, I have been planning to make MLP (a.k.a. My Little Pony) “cutie mark” cookies.

Why you ask? Well, I was looking around the house and my daughter had pulled the box of pony stuff out from under her bed. She owns so many of them. There are too many to choose from. How can one decide on which ones to pick?

So, I decided to go with the new updated ones from My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. The lineup consists of Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Twilight Sparkle and Fluttershy. My daughter took a different cookie to school every day. Her friend at school loved them. I hope you do too. Enjoy.




(Originally posted on September 14, 2012)

College Football Cupcakes

Football CupcakesTop view of the Football CupcakesFootball CupcakesA week ago, my husband came home from work and “somehow” started talking about cupcakes and it being his last week of training class.

I asked him if he would like me to make cupcakes for his class to celebrate. He said, “Sure!” I asked him what were their favorite colors. He said, “Alabama, Auburn & LSU!” After I laughed, I said, “I could do that.”  Because I was splitting the icing up for the three teams and didn’t want to run out, I went with a pom-pom effect. I think that they turned out rather well. Enjoy.






(Originally posted on August 30, 2012)